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The Cup-Pilot - $19.95
A portable cup holder for travel, automobile and other places. The Cup-Pilot has a 3 inch diameter capacity for cups and bottles and can also be used to store sunglasses, cell phones, Ipods, etc.

  • A cup holder for you when you travel - A simple, durable, compact cup holder to hold your drinks when you travel. When not in use it folds to stow in a rip-stop nylon pouch so it can be stowed in purses, briefcases, computer bags, backpacks, etc. that the Cup-Pilot attaches to an airline seat back tray when it is closed, hangs from the locking tab when the tray is open, and hooks onto both seat back and suitcase pockets with ease.
  • A cup holder also designed for your car - The Cup-Pilot has a specially designed hook that will fit in the air vents of almost every car. Originally designed for the Porsche 911 and Boxster models, it fits most other vehicles. The hook is coated with polyurethane to protect the parts to which it is attached. The unit is installed by simply bending the hook as necessary to fit the specific location chosen.
  • A cup holder for everything else - for bikes, strollers, and bedside tables - you name it!
Click here for more information on using the Cup-Pilot in your car

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Puchase 1-2 Cup-Pilots™ 
(18.95 each) 
Puchase 1-2 Cup-Pilots™
(19.95 each) 
Puchase 3-6 Cup-Pilots™
(16.95 each) 
Puchase 7+ Cup-Pilots™
(14.95 each) 


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