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Why use it?
You just bought a great cup of coffee to enjoy during your flight, but you find your hands full pulling and stowing your luggage. The Cup Pilot keeps your beverage safe during boarding, while awaiting take off, during the flight and when using the restroom.

You have a Porsche or another exotic car without a cup holder or you just need need an extra cup holder in your car or for your boat or for your morning commute on a train.

Why use it?
A simple, durable, compact cup holder that folds to stow in a rip-stop nylon pouch that can be stowed in purses, briefcases, computer bags, backpacks, etc.

A cup holder that attaches to an airline seat back tray when it is closed, hangs from the locking tab when the tray is open, and hooks onto both seat back and suitcase pockets, cars, boats and trains with ease. Also good to stow sunglasses, cell phone, Ipod, etc.